Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Baby

 Why is every little kid scared of Santa? I really don’t know. Jenn and I took Allen and Lyla to get their picture taken with Santa. Lyla is a very outgoing baby and we both figured she wouldn’t have any problem at all sitting in Santa’s lap. I was hoping that she would be a role model for Allen, so I could do well with people he doesn’t know. Once Allen realized that I was getting him out of the stroller to see Santa he started to freak out. He jumped out of my arms and tried to crawl back into his stroller. Lyla proceeds to take one look and Santa and she has a meltdown too. Why? WHY?! I finally get Allen to calm down enough to walk up to Santa and get his candy cane. In hopes that he has been persuaded by candy, I knelt down in an attempt to take a picture with Santa. As soon as I slyly slide him onto Santa’s lap, he started screaming and then he crawled away. Yes, crawled. Screaming. It was really pathetic. I don’t think I will make Mason suffer through it next year. Maybe by next year Allen will be old enough to reason with. Who knows? After he calmed down I tried to get some cute pictures of him. Here are some pictures of the entire experience:
Here is Allen having a melt down when he realizes he is seeing Santa. He tried climbing back into his stroller.

Here is Allen after getting his candy cane.
Allen being good.

Allen loves letters. Here he is telling me what letters he can see.

Allen and Lyla. 

Allen ignoring me.

Allen loved playing Peak-A-Boo with Lyla!

Today, I spent all day in the hospital. I just got home not too long ago. I’m now dilated to 5 ½ cm. Since my contractions are not every 5 minutes I’m not in labor. I’m really concerned that when they do come every 5 minutes and my water does break that I’m going to have to delivery my own baby because more than likely I will progress really fast. I hate not knowing what is going happen or when he is going to come. I was induced with Allen so nothing was a surprise. I guess this time it is going to be an adventure. Wonderful. Wow, I sound a little bitter, huh? I know I should be really excited because my pregnancy is almost over with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited. I’m just very exhausted too.

Please, say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed that we will be meeting soon! Until next time…

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