Monday, January 21, 2013

Shakeology/ I work out!/ Updates

Hello, Bloggers!
Yes, yes, I know. It has been awhile. I've just really been slacking lately, huh? Well, here is an update! Enjoy! :)

          Have you ever heard of Shakeology? 

About three months ago, this really awesome gal named Amanda messaged me on Facebook. She had a question about a book that one of our favorite authors (Emily Giffin) wrote. Let me just say, I'm so glad she did! We've become pretty good friends talking back and forth on Facebook. We also discovered that we both enjoy working out, we are both moms, and we both enjoy just chatting with each other. :) Now, that you've read the back-story on how I met Amanda, let me introduce to you Shakeology. 

Amanda is a Beach Body Coach. Shakeology is one of the products that she sells. She mail me a sample of the Chocolate and Green Machine. They were both amazing! I've been searching for a meal replacement for a while. I haven't committed to anything yet because of moving and everything else my life has been a little hectic. BUT, after being able to try it (I'm really picky) I would have to say it is something I will be considering in the future to invest in. It was really delicious. I normally don't like meal supplements because despite blending them well, they always have a grainy/ chalky taste. Shakeology, however, does not! I tried the chocolate one night before bed. I got busy, and I forgot to eat dinner. I was starving. I put Shakeology to the test to see if it would actually fill me up. That is another thing I hate...when I'm still starving after having a meal replacement shake. Guess what? It passed the test! :) I loved it! Thanks to Amanda for sharing samples with me! 

I suggest everyone head over to her FACEBOOK and "friend" her or at least say "hello". She is a very motivated, fit, inspiring MOM. I love that about her! :) While you are at it, check out the SHAKEOLOGY website. 


As some of you know, I've been going to the gym and working out on a daily basis. I have always wanted to do a body competition after being a part of Gold's Gym and making some friends that compete. I never thought my body would ever be capable of looking normal again after having kids. I essentially just gave up on trying. I joined the gym in Forest Hills in November. I was a little down on myself, because I had a body fat percentage of 31%. It was "high" considering my height. I just got my percentage recalculated, and it is at 24%!--healthy! Woo-hoo! Despite everything else that is going on in my life, I feel the best when I workout. It makes me happy to be able to see results. I'm proud to be able to say "I did it!" With all that said, I'm going to attempt training for a competition. Yes, I'm saying attempt because my body fat will have to be between 8-10%. Ha, wish me luck! :) I will keep you updated, as always!

Miscellaneous Updates...
  •  I've learned a few lessons in life since last updating. Yup, life is all about learning, right? I've learned never to feel the need to explain myself. If I feel a certain way, or if want to do something--then I should (and will) do it. If you don't like it? Too bad. 
  • I've learned to let things go. I can try my best to explain things and make them right, but if you don't understand (and I'm not asking you to), then that is okay. I respect you and your decisions to do what you want. You have the right to make a choice, as do I. 
  • I've learned it is so much easier to do laundry every two-three days. Yes, we have that much laundry. 
  • I've been reading a book about the laws of attraction. It is really interesting, and I will probably be making a separate post about it when I'm done. Basically, what you want to attract, you will. Are you attracting positive or negative things in your life? Again, you have the ability to make that choice. 
  • I've learned a little bit of my self-worth this past week. I'm trying each day to love myself more. I'm thankful for the people in my life who have instilled this important concept in me. You don't know how much you have helped me regain the confidence I once had. 
  • NEVER, and I repeat...NEVER go to Toys R Us by myself EVER again. Yeah. Long story.
  • I have decided to go back to school in March. Guess what? I'm SEVEN credits short of completing my Associate Degree. Ha, I didn't even know. I know, I know, how could I not know? Well, because I've transferred so many times I wasn't accounting for combined credits from all of the universities I've attended. This was some amazing news to me! I feel like the first time in my life I know what I want to do. Yes, ME, MYSELF, AND I..(ASHLEY)...I know what I want to do in life. Are you ready for this? I'm going to major in psychology. I'm then going to do the Master's program at Queens College in social work. :) I'm beyond excited. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 
  • I've learned the importance of laughing and being my silly self. I met another mom that is truly amazing, and she is so fun to talk to. I love laughing with her and being silly. It is me. I've actually met a few people that I feel like I can just be myself around. It is great. I've also reconnected with a few friends from high school that I'm so happy after all these years we can talk about anything and everything. :) 
  • I hate the rain. I hate walking in the rain. Enough said.
  • I'm writing a book. I think some of you might have known this already? It has been so much fun writing it. I don't know where it will end up, but the select few that have read parts of it really enjoyed it. On a side-note...I do not like typing it. I've been writing it in a notebook, and transferring it over the computer is a pain.
  •  I have bruises all over my legs. I have no idea where they came from. They hurt. Has anyone ever used a foam roller pre-workout? I'm thinking maybe that is what is causing it? Is that healthy?
  • I CAN PARALLEL PARK! I CAN DO A PRETTY GOOD JOB AT IT TOO! I will post a picture later. (It is on my other computer). 
  • I'm excited for spring and summer to get here. I'm simply obsessed with all the super-cute pastel stuff that I'm seeing displayed in windows. Come on, March! I'm waiting for you! 
  • No, I have not watched Vampire Diaries yet. Yes, I plan on hopefully watching it by this Thursday. If anyone would like to take the responsibility of bugging me to watch it...or eh, reminding me, I would appreciate it. I always remember to watch it at 11pm every night, and by then I'm just too tired. 
  • I switched laundry detergent. It smells amazing. 
  • Mason I'm pretty sure is a sensory kid just like Allen. We spend thirty minutes every morning trying to find a shirt that "feels" right. Help me.
  • Allen saw his first cemetery this week. many wonderful questions about dead people. Why do they go under the ground? Why did their heart stop beating? What is the headstone for? When will I die? When will you die? ..etc. After explaining everything several...and I mean several times... I think my favorite snippet of the conversation is as follows:
Allen: So, when dead people die it is like they are sleeping but don't wake-up?
Me: Yes. They look like they are sleeping, but they don't wake-up.
Allen: Why can't they sleep in their bed?
Me: Because, it is dark under the ground, so they can rest in peace. 
Allen: They can turn the lights off in their room.
Me: Yes, but since their heart is not beating, and they can no longer do anything, they can't take a shower. So, we put them under the ground so they don't smell.
Allen: Oh. Okay. 

Haha, yeah, how do you explain all of this? He literally wants to know EVERYTHING. 

I hope you enjoyed my updates. I hope all is well with you bloggers/ blogger readers out there! 


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