Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's been awhile...

Hello, Bloggers!

Wow, it's been awhile.

So much has changed. I have no idea where to begin on my life "update".

* We moved from North Carolina! Daniel got a job in Kansas City. Thanks to all those who helped me move! :) ((You know who you are!...and each one of you are simply amazing!)) Ohhh, and my mom and I won on scratchers! Woot!

I miss these ladies! I miss their sweet kids too! 
The last group photo. :(
Emily came to NC to help me move too! She also took me out for Mother's Day. :) 

*We lived with my mother-in-law. It was a full house: mother-in-law, father-in-law, twin sister-in-laws, and us. Not to mention all the extra little visitors every Friday. As you can see, life has been overwhelmingly busy. I just didn't have time to blog, and I let my blog get away from me for over a year now!
The boys! 
Being silly!

My "kids" modeling their Easter outfits! 

* Allen started pre-school at New Trails! He LOVED it! He had Ms. Nancy. She was amazing. We miss her very much. We've made up for not going to school every day by doing the "Bear Hunt" every time we think about it. :) And yes, I cried when I put him on the for the first time. In fact, I teared up every time I sent him off to school for about two weeks!

* I fell in love with Vampire Diaries. (Thank-you Stacey!)

* We enjoyed Los Corrales Fridays! ...or Salty Iguana. Oh, and Gates! How can I forget Gates? Or LC's?! Okay, I'm really missing home now!

*Allen attended occupational therapy for his sensory dysfunction. He is doing a lot better speaking and using his fine motor skills. :) Thanks to his therapist Nancy!

*I've been obsessed with cake making. It has been so much fun! I think my favorite cake was the one Britt and I made for Allen's "birthday". Britt, if you read this, I still think we need to go into business together. We would have so much fun!
AJ's Yo Gabba Cake!
Stacey and I experimented with fondant. This is Faye's Birthday cake!
Easter/ Jen's Birthday/ Montana's Birthday Cake!
Bella's Puppy Birthday Cake!

Nana's Birthday Cake! Yes, I know in this picture the "t" is not crossed. I couldn't find the picture where it was. Oops. 
Allen's Green Lantern Birthday Cake! This is the one Britt and I made. It is by far my favorite! 
Bud's Angry Bird Cake!

Dakota's Cat-Cat Cake! Montana and I made this! This is also another favorite!

*We became close to our extended family members. We attended church with Uncle "Papa" Jay and Aunt Tamey. We also had breakfast or lunch every Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa Cherry. As well as, seeing my mom, Skip, Nana, Papa, "Kota", and "Tana".  Not to mention, Uncle James, Aunt Tracy, Maria, Emily, Jen. We enjoyed many get-togethers with them as well!

*Thanks to Kristin and Stacey for getting me obsessed with books!

*Texas trip with Grandpa Cherry and Papa Jay!

*I'm obsessed with gel nails! :) And I miss Fifi's nail dryer and nail colors.  Thanks to Lauren for her awesome tip on how to remove the colors. :)

*Rachel got nominated for Homecoming princess! And we were a minute late to the crowning thanks to Daniel's slow driving.

*I became close with my sister-in-law Jackie. We had a few lunch dates with kids. It was fun. :)

* Most of all, I learned a lot about myself when I was home. I learned about the importance  of my family. It doesn't matter where you live, but who you have with you. I would have to say that my love for my husband has grown so much this past year. We have  proved to each other that we can conquer anything. My "babies" are growing so much! Allen will be 4 on the 22nd of this month! And little Mason is almost 2! Where did the time go?!

*Daniel got a job with Microsoft about a month ago...which brings me to my biggest update yet....WE MOVED TO NEW YORK! I'm so proud of my husband. He does all he can to work hard, and to make sure we have a comfortable life. I appreciate all his long hours of studying and sacrifices he makes. I used to complain about the long hours he would request for studying, but they've paid off. He teaches me patience every day.

The view from our temporary apartment!
Driving to NY. They were so good on the trip.

Going on a walk!

Whew. I know there is so much more I could write about, but if you've been following me on Facebook, chatting with me via text or phone, then everything in between you know about. Chances are you probably wouldn't want to read every last little detail I have to write about. To be honest, I think I've probably written too much already. If I forgot anything, my apologies. I can't tell you how many times I've been pulled away from typing this.  Let's move forward, shall we?

Going forward, I'm going to try to update this every other day. Not only do I want to include what is going on my life, but I also want to post recipes too. If there is anything you'd like to see on here or any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment! Oh, and expect lots of pictures. I love pictures.



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