Friday, November 26, 2010

Hospital Stay #2 and Thanksgiving

In case you didn’t know, I’ve landed myself back into the hospital. I’ve been here since Tuesday. I could have made a Blog update sooner, but I’ve been lazy. So let me fill you on Hospital Stay #2.

Tuesday: I was readmitted because at my doctor appointment I had dilated to a 3. Since my friends Emily and Jenn were going out of town for Thanksgiving, and the doctor knew that I was worried about going into labor he decided to admit me because I kept having contractions. He figured it would be less stressful for me if anything happened if I was just in the hospital.

Wednesday: I started having contractions again. They were 4-5 minutes apart. The doctor checked me, and I was dilating so they gave me more medicine and made me drink a ton of water. I also turned “34 weeks”. This means that if I did happen to have Mason I could deliver him here at this hospital instead of having to be transported to the hospital in Greenville.

Thursday:  (Thanksgiving!) I was worried that my water might have broke (I won’t go into all the details). They did a test and I wasn’t leaking amniotic fluid which was good, but I did lose my mucus plug.

Friday: (Today!) Today has been pretty uneventful. My blood pressure was really low this morning, so they couldn’t give me my medicine to keep contractions under control. This turned out to be fine because I did not contract at all today. For some reason I’ve been extremely tired today. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I guess I better take the opportunity to rest all I can now, since it probably won’t be long until Mason here!

Now that you are updated on the hospital stay, let me update you on life…
Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. I have yet to make a Thanksgiving dinner for my family. This year, a member from the church signed up to bring my family an entire meal. Words cannot describe how thankful I was to have such an amazing meal. This might sound cliché, but this past month I’ve really taken the time to reflect on all the many blessing in my life. And, WOW, let me tell you, I’ve discovered I have more blessings in my life than I can even count. I’m so gracious for all that Heavenly Father has blessed me and my family with. I have felt the spirit in my home so strongly this past month. I’ve also felt closer to my Heavenly Father, my husband, my family and my friends.

Daniel and Allen brought Thanksgiving dinner to the hospital. Here are some pictures:
Here is the yummy meal that was prepared for us!

Here is Allen being silly. He is pretending to be asleep.
Mommy and Allen


Daddy and Allen watching TV!

After we ate, we watched Beauty and The Beast.

Sitting here making this blog update has made think back to the first Thanksgiving Daniel and I spent together. Our first Thanksgiving together we spent in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the last minute, he decided to fly me from Santa Cruz, CA to NC to spend the holiday with him. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at a buffet. We probably would have had McDonald’s, but it was closed. So, we opted to eat turkey. The next day (BLACK FRIDAY!) We decided to go the mall and “look” at rings. Later that night we went ice skating and he proposed to me. Here are some pictures!
Our first Thanksgiving together! I love how our outfits match!

Daniel asked me to marry him the day after Thanksgiving 2007. See the ring box in the picture?

I love this picture. Daniel with is hand on the ring box (it is in his coat pocket!)

Well, now that I’m done updating and reminiscing, I guess I will end this and try to get some rest. I wonder how much longer until Mason comes? Guesses anyone? I’m going to say sometime next week…either the 2nd or maybe the 6th. I don’t know why, but they sound like good Mason days to me.  


  1. Sounds like you still got to celebrate Thanksgiving despite the hospital stay! Cute fam... I'm guessing Mason will come Saturday the 4th, which is also my Mom's birthday!